New Citizens Driver Training

If you are a new Canadian citizen or a new resident, learning the rules of the road and how to drive in your new country can feel intimidating. New immigrants to Canada already have a lot of things on their mind and finding a qualified driving school shouldn't be one of them. At Lambton Driving Academy driving school, our experienced instructors will give you the driving lessons that you need to drive safely in Ontario and pass your G1 exit road test to obtain your G2 licence.

We have specialized courses that are targeted to meet the unique needs of new residents to Canada. If you already have a driver's licence from your country of origin, Lambton Driving Academy has a driver training program for you to familiarize you with Canadian driving laws and more specifically, the laws that are specific to Ontario.

Benefits of the Lambton Driving Academy New Citizen Driving Programs

State-of-the-art virtual reality simulator

One of the things that sets Lambton Driving Academy apart from its competition is our virtual reality simulator. This simulator mimics realistic driving situations and will help you build confidence and learn the rules of the road in a completely safe environment. You'll learn how to drive in rain, snow and will even be able to see how dangerous impaired driving is. You will also be able to make driving errors in the safety and security of a simulated learning environment and learn from your mistakes so that you can avoid them in a real-life driving situation.

Insurance industry recognition

SafeStart programs are MTO approved and recognized by the insurance industry.


Lambton Driving Academy programs for new citizens and new immigrants to Canada is convenient, making it easy for you to take driving lessons. We offer a wide variety of course start dates that you'll be able to choose from. Our in-car sessions can take place around your work or personal schedule to ensure that it's as easy as possible for you to learn how to drive.

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